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Why Join The Network?

The Film Industry Network is an innovative creative platform built and administrated by passionate people with real and extensive film and TV industry knowledge, hard earned from decades of front line experience, to address the problems faced by the thousands of promising talents across the globe who have something with potential but need help to ‘make it happen’. movie comp


We understand the frustration of not knowing who to approach or how to pitch successfully.

We realize how difficult it is to source the right help or access the best legitimate information.

We know how exclusive this industry is and how impossible it is to ‘open the right doors’.


That’s why we created The Film Industry Network – to empower film makers and creative talents with the professional help and advice not ordinarily accessible to ‘outsiders’ to help take your project forward, whatever stage it’s at, from a draft script (or even just an idea) to a completed project that is ready for promotion and/or exposure. Talk to us in confidence about any project or idea – at any stage of development.

Membership costs just $249 annually and provides privileged access to film industry mentors with the knowledge, experience (and industry connections) to guide you from the pit-falls and costly mistakes that can spoil or even terminally damage what could have been a great opportunity, your project(s) will have a better chance of success than has ever been possible to-date. We don’t promise miracles and not every project of course will become an overnight success, but we do promise to look diligently at every project we receive and to give our members genuine and honest feedback, advice and support.

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Please read an important message about ‘Intellectual Property‘ and protecting your work.


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TFIN Podcast | Milan International Film Festival

A short preview of The Film Industry Network at the Milan IFF, November 2nd – 7th 2015.